Friday, November 11, 2005

Master's Master Sacrifice

It was an ordinary day in office.Starting home with my frnd i never had a hint that, the incident is going to happen.Was waiting for my bus to come , praying i must a get a place to sit.

When i saw the bus partially full i thanked god and settled in a place.Even now i dint have a hint of it.

After two stops, the bus was packed with ppls whom i dont know, but there in the distance i can see a short man , his face was very used to me "mm think ganesh who's that....?"
Hay, its my physics teacher :-) ,yes he was my Physics teacher from my 9th to 12 th standard.WOW what a surprise .At the same moment he too recoganized me .

I forget all the crowd around me and how old am i, i stood up and said in the same rythm we used tell in the school "Good eveeeningggg sir"and immediately went to his place (not bothering abt my place and bag ,but both was taken care by a guy who was very happy to get a place to sit unexpectedly.)

"hay how r u?"

"Iam fine sir and how do u do sir?"

"Fine man , so are u married and wer do u work?"

"Sir :-) iam jus 23 ...will take 2 more years to get married .Iam in a software company in mylapore and what do u do here sir?"

"haaa actulayy i work in Gooduvanchery(a place after tambaram) and come here to take tution daily."

The travel time between the two places will take atleast 2 hours.He works in a school there in Goodunavchery and after a days long work comes to mylapore to to take tution.
Man he will still earn less than wat u get.I watered in my eyes :-(.

"Sir iam very comfortable and happy.U made us to be what we are now but u are still where u were ..i feel really moved"

"hay man thats this profession.we feel happy not by the money we get but by the ppl like u,who we give to the society.As i see u in this bus today in such a successfull situation and above all talking to me , i can tell for sure that iam the happiest person in this bus today.Thats the satisfaction in this profession.

We feel our purpose served when we see u ppl in a situation wer we dreamt to be, ok..?.

mmm wat r u studying now?(in a usual master to student tone)"

"As of now i dont do anything sir but planning to MBA r MS will do it soon"

"mm what ever you do ,do it fast bcoz this is the age , later after marriage u cant do this"

"Sure sir :-)"

"and don't join s.....(dont want to specify the name of the company) i have my cousins working there and i heared from them that they dont give any good increments do u know?(in the same master to student if he knows all about the software industry)

"yes sir i will not ... :-)"

"mm good "

After this we wer talking abt my class mates and what they are doing now.He was very happy about our good growth.And when the bus neared the place iam supposed to get down i asked him.

"Ur mobile no sir ?"

"Hay no man iam jus planning to get a new one"

God he doesnt have a mobile even.What a man! how many of us carry a lap top now bcoz of him, but he still dont have a mobile.He is really great.

"sory sir.. ur land line sir?"

"m note it..."

"and this is my number sir"

"mmm ..... sorry man i dont remember ur name"

"Ganesh ram sir..(After all he has seen thousands of students)"

"Ok man carry on ..don forget to invite me to ur marriage ha ha ha"

"Sure sir"

i came back to my place, the guy sitting in my place thankfully got up.i signalled him to sit and jus took the bag from him and prepared to get down.

At that moment the nick name we used to call my master flashed in my mind "Chitra kullan".I let few drops down my eyes and got down the bus.

Yes my master has done a master sacrifice.

This is a tribute to him.


Anonymous said...

Ganesh...That was a good post...felt like going to my school/college just to meet the teachers and say "Thankyou"....


Anonymous said...

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frenzyfasi said...

Nice Post Ganeshram.... I feel its a "Autograph" of our own childhood/schooldays...

Good Attempt... Keep blogging...


Anonymous said...

u write well man...well written indeed..please write more....u r just putting to words the thought of many ppl...

Ganeshram said...

Thankx a lot.Will continue to do so.

guruscribbles said...

gr8 one .....u r a writer