Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Opinion( Well..., too Late I accept)

Ramu:"Hey why that villagers keep on writing 'mummy' 'daddy' on their mud roads"
Somu:Its because at least now they will get a tar road

Ramu:What ? in what way this is related to a tar road?

Somu: Ha u don know ?the tamil activists in the state are painting tar wherever they see english.

(This is a joke from a famous magazine)

Funny rite,but this is no joke this is the way the tamil activists or tamil saviors work to save the prestigious language .Yes they 'tar ' where ever they see some thing in English be it hoarding or an advertisement banner in a tea stall.They don't even spare highway mile posts.
Absurd isn't it?

Their motive of saving 'Tamil' is really good and i don't have any second thought that the survival of the language has become a real issue nowdays.When there are groups , organization and funds raised to save some species that are nearing extinction , this language issue is some thing more trivial than that.

'Tamizh' the very word sounds sweet.It carries with it thousands and thousands of years of tradition , culture and literature with it.Its the language of Kambar ,Thiruvalluvar to today's P.Vijay(Autograph song).

So, losing the very face of it is really horrible.When we lose a language its not just the language we lose but, with it, it takes the people who spoke it,their history , their tradition and above all the people of this world lose one of the ways to express themselves.

We must be really worried about this loss and whenthe loss is in such a big scale , it becomes important to handle things in a more organized and matured way .The solution is definitely not blindly 'tar'ing other languages.

We must understand that " We can't develop one language by killing the other ". Our language's development cannot and never be achieved by spoiling the growth of other language(particularly English).

So lets work out ways to develop our language rather than finding ways to eliminate other languages.


This is small note to the people who 'tar' english hoarding.

Lets take a simple example 'Mani tea stall '
A sponsored advertisement banner(with sachin's photo in it as if he daily drinks tea there)

"Mani Tea Stall" in english

and the same, exactly the same in tanglish as follows

Our problem is not the one in english but the one in tanglish so 'tar' that and not stopping with that write it as

Thankx to my beloved Ramya akka .

Please use this place to post ur ideas to save and develop our language amid the current competition and pressures.
Long live Tamil.


Anonymous said...

The thing to be noticed is the people creating such a havoc never follow what they preach...
An editorial in a noted magazine stated that one of the key person's (involved in this "Save Tamil" campaign) grandchildren themselves don't study tamil in their schools as they have opted some other language instead of tamil....


Ganeshram said...


U r rite and ur point is taken.Letz don't care about them and make our contributions.