Friday, March 17, 2006

Terror in subway (U/A)


Sayeed , Are u mad r u going to do this?
Yes akthar, i don't have any other way.Already my family is big and with kind of income i earn i cant make ends meet.
But isn’t there any other way?
No,Its an order from BOSS
Ok,its upto you then.Where and When?
Tomorrow 9:30 in the morning , in the subway.Guindy Subway
But it will be crowded to full , rite?
Yes , but that will help me to take cover
Ok,Do u want me to come?


8:30 Am.

It is one of the busiest subway in the city ,buzzing with activity.It sees thousands and thousands of people dialy.It is open to all, rich,poor,literate,illeterate,powerfull,useless ,teacher,pickpocket this list is endless .It goes by this tag line "Whoever or whatever you are,it doesn't matter,if u got to get to the other side u must go through it".

This subway is also special in way that ,it is opened by M.G.Ramachandran(well known as MGR).Iam one of the thousands for whom this subway is a part of day-to-day life.But probably the unique to feel proud thinking "Man now you are crossing the sub way once crossed by MGR"

If this subway is just part of life for some , for some it is the life.It is the main source of their income.You can buy anything from flowers,umbrellas,fruits and electronic gadgets to shirts.No other place drives so much a crowd. It is ,infact a business complex underground from, the time it opens in the morning till it closes late in the night.

And today at 8:30 it was as normal as any other day.

8:55 Am.

The subway is full.Business is in full swing.I think flowers and kerchiefs sell the most here than in any other place in chennai at this point of time.All that you can see is faces some very serious , some very sad, some really happy and some disappointed as they lost the mobile signal amidst the important call.These things are very normal at this time of a day.

9:10 Am.

There in the distance a man with a black shirt and lungi entered the subway.He was well built and six foot tall. He had very horrible scar on his alarmingly threatening face.
The very look at him will make you feel that he is upto no good and will definitely pump your adrenaline. Even he doesn’t seem too comfortable, he was sweating slowly in the corner of his head.He looked horrified pre-occupied with the execution of the order form his BOSS.

He tried to justify his move by thinking of the reason behind .It was just yesterday evening he was talking to his BOSS.

No i will never do this
U have no other way
What do u mean by why'?Do u know how many children u have,do it if u care for your family

With a determined face he slowly made a move to-wards one corner of the subway.He was very careful that no one should note his next move.And he tried to look as if he is he is upto nothing.
But actually any one who passed him looked at his threatened face suspiciously.In the mean time he slowly slid his hands into his underwear pockets.

9:25 Am

Though well educated and placed in a software company,iam orthodox,the reason being i never take the left side way into the subway.Well, that cannot be fully accounted to as 'Orthodox',there is also a strong reasoning behind that.

The first time i took the left side in ,i lost my purse in a crowded bus,the next time it was a real bad day in my office.The other time when i really dared to take that way i was bleeding a hell after an accident.So i decided never to take that way hereafter and it did pay me well.
But today, unfortunately iam pushed to the left side in , into the subway by the crowd and my worst fears poped-up alive.

When i got into the subway,i saw things happening to confirm my worst fears.There was commotion and terror all over.Everyone was moving to a place where some thing is happening. I tried get through the crowd to see what is happening.There in the center two cops were taking to a man in red shirt.

Is this he, who is standing here for the past half hour ?Pointing to a man in black shirt with horrified face.

Yes sir ? he is also having something in his pocket.When he is not being noticed he puts his hand in to take something and suddenly when he is crossed by some one he takes his hand out, very suspicious so .., i called you sir

Ho ok we will see to that
.Now the cops turned to the horrified man in black shirt.

Who are u?Whats your name? one of the cops asked him.
Sir,iam Sayeed.Sayeed khan answered the man.
Where are u from? haa?
Sirr..iam from the slum near saidapet
Oho what are doing here from 9.00
I know dammit , i know what you upto.Whats that u have in the pocket?said the cop
Sir .. i swear i dint do anything wrong
Whats that u have in your pockets
Nothing sir really..
Ok come to the station
No sir..sir , i will tell..I was trying to take this 5 rs out. He emptied his pockets to show a five rupee coin.
What?the cops said.
Yes sir i was trying to take this 5 rs
So is that all?
Yes sir
But why are you standing here for the past half an hour
Sir..Actually i was shy and i don't want to do that in the crowd
I don't understand said the cop
Sir..I actually wanted to get a Condom from the vending machine and i was afraid that people will laugh at me said the man pointing his fingers to the newly installed condom vending machine in the corner.
Ha ha ha is that all
Yes sir, said the man gleefully with his black face red in shyness.

The crowd was cheered up and the terror in the subway started to subdue and for me my worst fear got postponed.

9:30 Am

The man finally inserted a 5 rs coin in the machine and took the delivered condom his surprise no one was laughing at him.Its then he thought It seems its very common.

10:30 pm



So,akthar what does your BOSS say.
'Hmmm , she is really happy and pleased.My wife is really intelligent
She says Better.. be safe than worry.


PRAVEEN said...

Hey Ganesh,
I never knew you had such a good writing skill....

Keep it up and dont be shy when you go there next time. I will lend you 5 rupee coins if you want.

Balaji said...

Hi Ganesh,

You narrative style was impressive.


Ganeshram said...


I will keep it up praveen.
I will never need them i think :-)

Balaji thankx :-)

kuttichuvaru said...

hey very nice flow of thoughts!! keep them coming!!

Ganeshram said...

Hi kuttichuvaru
First sorry for not replying ur comments soon.
Nice to see a comment from u and i will definitely keep them coming.

bujju said...

U r very true shyness for these things are still prevailing in the society.
Actually people shud feel more shy to give birth to more than 2 children rather than all these.
"U have chosen a good subject - keep writting more"
And for the certification(U/A) i strongly feel that there is no 'A' required becos even children need to know abt all these, atleast for our country's sake.

Ganeshram said...

Thankx a lot bujju ka.
Ur rite and in the words
"Actually people shud feel more shy to give birth to more than 2 children rather than all these."-A slap on the face.
And the 'A' is for that reel in 10:30 just a funny side.

janani said...

hey really a good naration i like it very much:-) keep going...........

Gan aka Gane said...

Thanks a lot honey iam glad to see your comments in here.

guruscribbles said...

nice one bro.....