Thursday, March 09, 2006

Typewriter- The forgotten classic

The first 'Hello World' of my life started in my '5th' standard with that black machine in my fathers office which will always be operated by a sweet lady.I have always wondered her speed and accuracy working on that. The elegance with which she feeds the paper and pulls the feeder back to the position once a line is finished can never be seen today .


Typewriters are really fascinating to watch at , the movements of the ribbon
and type bars up and down are really enjoyable as if they are dancing to a rhythm. Everyone one from a middle class family would have been to a typewriting class at some point of their life.The type writing classes were the places of fun which will tell you thousands and thousands of love stories.We even had movies on those love stories.

It was a source of confidence in those days.The one with a typewriting lower/higher qualification is a sure shot winner in interviews.

But these elegent machines are just history now.we cant see them anywhere. We dont even think about it. We don't feel the vacuum their absence have created.

We can no more here their 'tic' 'tic' 'tac' 'trrrr'.Yes modernization ,do snatch good things from us.
I really miss it.

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