Friday, April 28, 2006

Of my tribe and me.

When I intended to write something under this topic ,do you know the first thing I did ?
Googled for
"Duties of a brahmin".
What a shame ? Being a brahmin myself am i not supposed to follow these or atleast know these.
The truth is that ,yes iam supposed to know but i dont.Not stopping with this i definitely say iam not alone.
If i generalize my situation to all the brahmins some may argue with saying thay doesnt fall under this category. Thanks, I heartily appreciate them for the very fact that its only because of them this tribe is still surviving.
But the truth is that 75 % ,why not 90% of the brahmin population are "Brahmins" are just by their birth .
The very first and the basic myth of staying vegetarian itself is in stake. Only very few brahmins follow or atleast know their daily rituals like
Sandiya vandhanam,Gayathri jabam,(i dont even know more than this) If this is the case today then tomorrow , my,yours, ours identity will all be lost.
Am i not mudrering my historical tribe,culture , practice and traditional values myself.
Is this what the modernization has given me? Why are my parents or the society is not stopping me from my dereliction of my duty?
But, why am i blamming the society,does it ask me not to follow?
Then why am i not doing it.?
The only answer the question
Why should i do something when not doing it is not an issue?
Its high time WE WAKE UP.


Ms.Congeniality said...

Siru thuli peru vellam!! U start following and ur children and grand children would follow. U are right, the rituals, the habits etc are at stake and should not be neglected. I still value those.

Ganeshram said...

hi ms,
Sorry for not replying ur comments immediately..back from a long weekend.

I agree with u that if i start following my generation can/may.But my fear is that even iam not able to follow things must be set right na.
But i definitely value them.

Journey of Life said...

nice blog
i think all of us all old enough to think and act on our own. in my home none of the elders do sandhya vandanam. i learnt on my own and thought others. so, we need to understand the need and importance of these rituals. then may be we can try to control the drastic fall in the number of people not doing sandhyavandanam

Ganeshram said...

Welcome journey of life.

Yes what say is rite.Further the next generation of the these rituals are in our hands.Fully agreed.