Sunday, July 16, 2006

Long Long ago....

"Long Long ago so long ago , when ganeshram was blogging ........thare lived a king ......"

I now that my blogging practice has taken a serious set back , but not without a reson
I am Going to UK and look forward to blog from there.I have a lot more to say , but i have already crossed the event horizon of the black hole called "WORK" so ........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Thus goes ganesh back to work taking the best wishes of the people who would have wished me but may not wish me because of my Non Blog Updating Syndrome.


PRAVEEN said...

Hey mama, all the best for ur U.K Trip. flight kelambum bhodhu, seatta kettiya pudichukku. kuppura vilundhudathe. camera yeduthuttu po. week fulla work pannu. week end enjoy pannu.

Bala.G said...

All the best Ganesh.....vetriyudan thirumbi vaarungal

Shuba said...

Bon voyage!

Ms.Congeniality said...

All the best..have a nice time :-)

Continue blogging from there :-)