Friday, October 20, 2006

It is a Special Diwali ! ! !

I Wish u all a very very happy ,charming ,colourful and exiting DEEPAVALI.

By the way this is special diwali for me , yes, my first Diwali overseas(London).

Karuthu :-)

Wherever it is deepavali rocks and my kind suggestion is that don't sit b4 television all the day.Enjoy the get together, enjoy the lights , enjoy the sweets and no matter how old you are ROCK the place with CRACKERS.

U will know... when ur away in an alien country ...the importance and fun in diwali.
Don't miss it chaps.
C ya.


Bala.G said...

Belated Diwali wishes....

Neenga solra adhe kashtam enakum puriyudhu :(

bujju said...

Bill Gans Happy Diwali!!!!!!

Ganeshram said...

Amam bala.g :-(
But will fly back soon :-)

Thanks buju ka

Ms.Congeniality said...

Belated Diwali wishes :-)