Monday, December 11, 2006

Why cant we do it?

Luxurious team lunches and dinners ,lavish team outings are very common in todays high profile software industry. The management and the members of the team are ready to spend thousands just for salads and desserts .
I accept and know the fact that this is a mentally stressful industry and its people need all these kind of relaxation and fun Yes it does develop team spirit .But the point is that why do we always focus on these to build team relationship and relaxation .

Why cant we change these in a way that it helps the very society where we live in ?

Why cant the java team organize a blood donation camp ?

Why cant the C++ team take a day off and visit a orphanage ?

Why cant a team move out to a slum and apply all those logic and knowledge they have to see how or what they can do improve the lives of the people there ?

Why cant a team think about the child dancing inside the rings for a piece of bun ?

Sadly our society's bug list is very long and it really needs developers and managers to fix them all.
These build team relationships too.

After all its we who should take care.And when we work as a team we can defnitely hit targets.
Make them laugh and see the almighty.
Why cant we do it ?


Leka said...

Simply super... ganesh.

Manoj Kumar said...

I go by ur words but this has been done in different forms and not as teams but as frends (ALSO TEAMS). Infact many are doing it which is not exposed (hope u knew it from tambram :)). When you take mnc corporate culture has this policies like conducting rural progs etc... so its thier wish to participate in this. But it has good move other than TN. Hence forth we have separate teams like kalangiyam, supra etc... so just we have to initiate and keep going persons will join hands all the way...:) ( hope this is relevent).

Gan aka Gane said...

buju ka "kaliyuga mahathmave .... neevir vazhga!!!!" i thu ellam venam plss.
Its not onw who will initiate this.Its us.We have to do it.

Thanks lekha, spread this opinion as far as possible.

Manoj ur comments make perfect sense.But my opinion is that it will be more powerfull and well organised if this happens in each and every software company.I would like to see this as common as having team lunch.

Ramkumar said...

Adrasakka! adrasakka!!

Sivappathigaaram - yethaavadhu seyyanum saar. But, who? where? when?

yethu pannurada irundalum 18th ku apparam start pannunga sir, nanum kalandukuren

thiyagarajan said...

Good...but blogging abt this is not enough da...take it further..organize a event like this and invite your frds, let the intersted join in...if u fail to do it, this blog loses its meaning!

Gan aka Gane said...

Hi Thiyagu,
how r u?
Iam not talking abt individuals,iam talking abt the outings/spending done by the company /management on various teams.
On my part i have posted this in my companies HR portal and will talk abt this in next neeting with them.
:-) And this post is to make u talk abt this in ur company.

ms.congeniality said...

Do check out which is an NGO full of ppl like us..its been happening all along :-)

prassie said...

wazzup with this?

any updates?