Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Are u a Bachelor?

I wonder wats wrong with this very word :-( ?

Last week i had the worst experience in my life looking for a house to stay on rent. I started my search confidently powered with various yellow pages in the city.I was so confident that i will get a house after seeing too many offers in the papers.
And i strated to call
"Heloo sir , unga ad sulekha la pathane is ur house still available?"
"Yes yes available,neenga ethana peru thanga porale?"
"nan mattum tha"
"Ammam ..but"

"ilapa bachelorku ellam tharathu ila"

"ila sir,neenga ninaikira mari ..."
Call cut.

Shit .This doesnt happen just in one place , this was what i heard the whole day.(Incidentally tats my bday)
I dont understand what makes them to decide or brand bachelors are unfit for their house. Even if i go in person to their house they will just slam the door on my face as soon as i said iam a bachelor.

Wern't they bachelors at any point of their life?

Are we senseless villans?
Is eloping with his daughter(any way she will not be worth it) is the only reson for a bachelor to rent his house?
Don't we know what cleanliness is?
I was in an opinion that this happens only to boys but later came to know this applies to girls even. God save the country.


Ms.Congeniality said...

ayyo paavam!! That too on ur b'day :-(
What about ur colleagues at office?Weren't they able to help u?

bujju said...

very sad to hear your story.
For a change y cant u try a bachelor house owner ;-)

Ganeshram said...

ms congenial
mm :-( evalo feel panane theriuma?
They can help but , I wanted a house in the place where iam currently staying as i have some commitments there(violin class in particular) .The house iam stying in now is sold out so was lokkiing for a new house.
And i dont like mansions.

Hi bujjuka,
Yes ur rite i did that finally , now my new house owner is a bachelor he he.

Gundu Mama said...

Life is a cycle. Atleast you help them out in the future :)

Shuba said...

achacho....thats bad...chk your bday wish in my latest post!!1

karthik said...

Don't get upset. It could be this way. The house owner wanted to rent the house to someone with a Master's degree. Since you said you were a bachelor, he would have refused it.. :-)

Ithellem vazhkayil chagajam appa. :-)

Ganeshram said...

Yes Vanambadi,
What i will definitely help them even if i have a beautifull daughter worth eloping .he he.

Ammam shuba ;-( (me pavam)
And all this sogam went off seeing ur wishes.

I will immediately apply for MS. ;-)
Ipppa palagi pochu karthik.Chagajam tan.

Karthikeyan Muthurajan said...

ayyO..athaiyEn ketkureenga Ganesh..veedu pakkanumnu kilambittalE bachelor kura oru negative point namma kuda sernthutta mathiri feeling..I met lot of situations like these..

Ganeshram said...

Ammam karthikeyan manasa theythikonga ur not alone.

Neenga solrathu enakum aruthala iruku.
"We are all in the same boat" ;-)