Friday, June 16, 2006

A word called - Hi

Hi - A meaning less word with thousands of situational meaning. Its the simplest and the most useful word.
The simplest because,it can never be forgotten. And above all you can never write this word with a wrong spelling.
interestingly this word's usage has no age limit it is perfectly advisable for all ages from play school to old age home and who knows ,may be even after that.
Its the most useful, the reason ? It can be told to any one and anywhere and in any situtaion.Particularly if you are meeting someone for the very first time, no other word can ever think of taking the place of this 'Hi'.
There is no reservation of to whom you can say this,you can say this to your watchman and to your boss no offence meant word can be said to a single person or to a group,perfectly meaningful. Steping ahead this greeting need not be restricted to humans have friends greetings their pets 'Hi' which surprisingly is understood by them.
If you meet a good friend after a long time surprisingly you can pull this word like a chewing gum and say a big 'hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'(Heart filling).Or if u r so unlucky to meet ur old foe in a big party where you forced to look into his eyes you can say very very small 'hi'.This flexibility in other words can happen only in rare occasions word can also be used between not so close friends, you could have heard people saying "I have only 'hi - hi' relationship".
You can express all your feelings with this word be it happiness,sadness,anger ,even orgasm .
This word is a gift particularly boys/girls looking for partners,this is best and the most used 'Pick up' line.Starting with a 'Hi' the relationship may extend even to marriage.
Thus is the power of 'Hi'
I know that 'Ignorance is bliss' but i thought in the case of 'Hi' knowledge is bliss.
So this post. ;-)


bujju said...

U r wrong Do u know how many of them spell "Hi" as "Hai"

Delhi_tamilan said...

oru Hi kulla ivalavu vishayama? I mostly agree with what you have to say here....

Ganeshram said...

Yes buju
Agreed ,Avanga ellam ithu parthavathu thirunthatum.

Entha pothukulla entha pambu irukunu theriyathunu ithukuta solliirupangalo.

karthik said...

"Or if u r so unlucky to meet ur old foe in a big party where you forced to look into his eyes you can say very very small 'hi'"

Romba correct. Can't think of any other word to start the conversation under such circumstances.

Bala.G said...

You did a great research on "Hi". Keep going

Ms.Congeniality said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :-)

Shuba said...

hi!ithulla ivlo vishyama gud gud!

Gundu Mama said...

Hi !

I don't bother whether you consider this as BIG or SMALL :). BTW another interesting is, here at MindTree, you should salute everyone only with 'Hi' when you are meeting for the day. Seems some american practise :D

Ganeshram said...


Ellam anubavam ta

Bala g
Great ellam onnum illa.Chumma vetti..neenga vera

enna Ms Ethuku ipo surprise Hiiiiiiiiiii


Known is a drop unknown is an ocean.


Definitely,avanga influence ellam illati innikum
'Varungal Vandhanam' tha