Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Life is good

This is the thing about entitlement. As soon as you start to feel entitled to something, you can get very angry and very personal about losing that thing. This is not conducive to happiness. Worst of all, even when you get what you want, you can't really enjoy it because you feel entitled to it rather than fortunate to have gotten it.

Try picturing yourself the way God made you -- naked. There is just you. Everything that comes your way will be a delightful bonus. Life is good.

Ithu latha ku ero sonnathu


karthik said...

Very true!

Gundu Mama said...

Neeriya unmai pesa aarmbichutta pollirukku :).

Shuba said...

What did u bring to lose!

Ganeshram said...

Amam karthik.Truth told vey crisp.

Vanambadi vayasu aituchu illa athan(am 25 ;-( )

Shuba.U told the truth very very crisp.

Bala.G said...

Thats true.
Btb, I cudnt understand the last line "Ithu latha ku ero sonnathu"

Ganeshram said...

Athu onnum illa balagi
This was told by me to latha, and told by some oe to latha(my colleagu)